Itireleng Fire Management was established in 2008 by a number of dynamic, knowledgeable and motivated individuals.

We believe that we can achieve market success by providing reliable and efficient service, economically viable solutions and an uncompromising focus on exceptional workmanship.

The company's commitment to workmanship and keeping abreast of the ever-evolving technology in Fire Protection Engineering has led it to being reputable for its design and installation capabilities on fixed fire protection systems.

We comply with the latest known and proven methods in respect of design, fabrication and installation of Fire Protection System’s as regulated by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (A.S.I.B.), Fire Detection Installers Association (F.D.I.A) and South African Bureau of Standards (S.A.B.S 1475).

Our highly skilled and competent workforce provides a competitive edge in the market, and greatly contributes to the realization of our customer's Fire Safety needs.



We are a company striving towards excellence in the Fire Protection Engineering market by providing consistent value to carefully selected customers with the aim of a long-term beneficial business relationship.


The Itireleng Fire Management team and associates will live up to and adhere to the following values:

F – Fulfilment, striving to be more than what we are.
I – Integrity, having the courage to act and live by our convictions.
R – Responsibility, attitude of life is what you make of it and choosing to make a difference.
E – Excellence, in quality and service (anything worth doing is worth doing well).


Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB)
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS 1475)
Fire Detection Installers Association (FDIA)
South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC Fire)
National Fire Protection Association of America (NFPA)
Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA)

Broad-based black economic empowerment is as important to us as it is to our clients. Itireleng Fire Management is a Level 4 Contributor with a total score of 80.24 points (Cert. No. PRS/GEN/011/22/07/2020-V001). Our Procurement Recognition Level is 100%.

The construction industry development board is a schedule 3a public entity established to lead construction industry stakeholders in construction development. Itireleng Fire Management is a grade 8 SF registered contractor with the capability to take on projects with a value of up to R 130 000 000.



• Fire equipment sales, supply and servicing
• Design, fabrication and installation of all types of fixed fire protection
• Design, installation and commissioning of fire detection and gas suppression systems
• Passive fire protection solutions
• Testing and walk through inspections on all types of fire protection systems